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specialist in electroacoustic sound and commissions for dance and theatre

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 Nick Parkinís latest release on Soleilmoon Recordings, draws its inspiration from the movement of light and water. To create this album Parkin electroacoustically manipulated and blended a variety of gongs and other metallic percussion with environmental field recordings. Itís eight tracks of intense, multi-layered work evoking hidden subterranean waters and gloomy oceanic depths, where shards of light only occasionally penetrate. Sonic images conjuring reverberant aquatic chambers, storm swept surfaces and horizons abound, while winds and other elemental phenomena bring about transmutations, distillations, evaporations and cycles of tides. This CD is presented in a standard jewelbox, in a limited edition of 500 copies.  8 tracks/total time 53.34


explores themes of entropy in the city and evokes a ravaged apocalyptic architecture of decaying machinery and metallic residues: an imaginary city subject to the uncontrollable forces of nature and chemical and alchemical processes of corrosion and implosion. 9 tracks/ total time  64:55 

Red Shift   

fuses blistering hypnotic break beats with dark atmospheric sound textures and derives its inspiration from the images of distant galaxies and planets captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Imaginings of distant space are counterbalanced by the gritty reality of living and creating in the dense urban environment of London and the impact this has on everyday aural experiences. Beats and breaks are constructed individually and meticulously in the break beat science style and merged with sampled and synthesised sound to create a compelling sonic experience. Nick Parkin is well-known for his many CD releases revolving around atmospheric dark electronica and elemental electroacoustic soundscapes, including Island of Dust (1999), Entropolis (2001) and Geomorphic Resonance (2001), which were released by Soleilmoon. He was awarded first prize at Bourges International electroacoustic music awards in 2001 for his elemental electroacoustic work Magmas, which has since enjoyed considerable international airplay. He brings his long term experience of using elements of drum and bass within his commissioned music for dance and theatre companies to startling effect in Red Shift and has teamed up with Tom Gillieron, a DJ, House and Drum and Bass artist and producer. Tom has released a number of 12" singles on the Dutch Drum and Bass scene and remixed for people as diverse as BT in the USA and MJ Cole in the UK garage scene  9 tracks/total time 60.32

Island of Dust  

explores landscape and mythical underworld themes. An island scared by elemental forces, concealing submerged artifacts and cavernous subterranean chambers. 9 tracks /total time 64:18 

Geomorphic Resonance

is an intense evocation of geological process, glacial movement and erosion. Manipulated field recordings and treated instrumental textures conjure up an imaginary land, wrought by ice, wind and water.                                        7 tracks /total time 55:.12  

Aquam Metallicam

is a collaboration with Italian ambient composer Alio Die aka Stefano Musso. Shifting atmospheres inspired by alchemical texts and the changing weather of Lunigiana, Northern Tuscany, where is was composed and recorded.

9 tracks total time 53:10                                                        

Descent - is now a collectors item and currently no longer in print - check amazon or ebay .


other albums -  Stillpoint and Terma -collaborations between Tuu and Nick Parkin.