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ambient music that refuses to retreat into the background

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Ambient music that refuses to retreat into the background. Parkin, a talented studio technician, takes as his raw material field recordings that document the harshness of various terrene environments, and he transforms those found sounds into artful landscapes, from desolate   plains to humid caverns to hives of parasitic activity. Seven tracks in all, every one of them a thoroughly imagined alien terrain. Pulse magazine/ 

Disturbing and imaginative music  Tandem, Canada on Geomorphic Resonance.

The whole album would make for an interesting alternate soundtrack to something like Blade Runner, something at once coldly technological and emotionally gripping’  AMG all music guides on Entropolis

The decay and deterioration of an imaginary city is the focus of Nick Parkin’s ingenious Entropolis. Parkin scuttles into the dying ruins, sonically cataloguing the death cries of fatigued machinery and splintered architectural disarray, as well as the deeper, to the core, itch of corrosion, erosion and rust ... the title track winds down barren alleyways and despondent corridors, amidst the futile clamour of screeching metal and percussion that scampers like a thief stealing time, accentuated by an erratic pummel assimilating the struggle of a failing heart. Highly Recommended!  Outburn 2002 on Entropolis.

I was amazed and engrossed. Dark and sometimes disturbing this album encloses you in it’s world, creating a journey, which will bear re-travelling. If you like your ambient industrial, enjoy. Either way, this is a cathartic trip. on Island of Dust

Parkin stimulates and challenges the mind with his innovations extending beyond the ordinary paradigms of indigenous music.

Outburn magazine issue 10 USA on Island of Dust

the general feel is evidently ambient but truly ethnic and above all very atmospheric with very strong and astounding experimental character- it is great to listen to even if it demands a very special listening attention. JMB 1998 on Descent

..gleams with both otherworldly essences and gritty, earthbound rhythms – artful, subversive and so cool! on Red Shift

REFRACT is about music as virtual experience rather than the story-telling of soundtracks or the mood enhancements of ambient background

Tandem Toronto Canada March 2006 /Chris Twomey

Your music has made a real impact and connection here in Wisconsin, just west of the Great Lakes and South of Winnipeg. Geomorphic Resonance strikes me as being from another world. It truly transcends time, place and its own technical aspects. I am deeply impressed by it.

David Prescott Wisconsin USA producer/musician

I have your CD island of Dust and Geomorphic Resonanceplus the ones you did with TUU and Stillpoint. They are all amazing in my humble opinion and I must tell you that when I first heard Island of Dust it simply blew my mind. I could not help thinking that this truly was music from another dimension that you have managed to somehow tap into and bring into our realm. it sounds like nothing else I have ever heard before, and that's saying something, as I've heard much over the years. Terry Faulkner London Uk 2005

This is the right music for post-apocalyptic movies or abandoned territories. However it remains the work of very talented brains and definitely a recommended album with a nihilistic theme!  Side Line ~28 on Island of Dust

Nick Parkin expertly manipulates the sounds of the earth around and beneath the listener, on the constantly fluctuating sonicscapes of Geomorphic Resonance.  Parkin fuses manipulated field recordings and like-minded instrumental concoctions into rippling ambiences that present the earth as an entity in constant evolution via erosion or, at least, a rarely deciphered internal movement. Outburn on Geomorphic Resonance

it is throughout, a fine balance of ambient music an modern music, thus breaking with both traditions and making a very delicate and intense album. Vital Weekly on Refract 2006